January 2020 Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 29th January 2020

Sutton St Edmund Parish Council held at SSE village hall.

Present: Cllrs C.Hunns, K.Bowman A.Savage and M.O’Kane Parish Clerk Mrs.C.Mackenzie

12 members of public.

1. Welcome.

Cllr Hunns vice chairman, presided over the meeting welcomed everyone.

Public forum.

Discussions had taken place regarding the mail box being surrounded by mud, the new build on Broadgate causing some disturbance, limited visibility due to rows of contractors vehicles and planning issues. Community Speed watch update regarding training.

The meeting commenced at 7.40pm.

2. Apologies for absence.

a. Apologies received from Cllr Coleman reasons given and accepted by all.

3. Declarations of interest.

a. None received.

4. Notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 27th November 2019 to be accepted as the minutes.

a. Resolved to accept these notes and the true copy of the minutes.

5. Police matters.

a. No Police report had been given. But there had been hare coursing locally which had been reported.

6. Financial matters.

a. The financial report had been circulated and was resolved to accept these figures.

7. Administration.

a. Clerk advised that the latest CSW training will take place on 17th February in Spalding.

b. The allotment rent had finally been received. It was due to the relocation of the tenant and not updating the parish council accordingly.

8. Village hall.

a. The committee had discussed the possibility of erecting a brick built extension to the village hall, funded through a grant. It was agreed that under the village hall lease, to invite the Trustees to the Annual Parish Council Meeting in April so they can give an update of how things are progressing.

9. Playing field.

a. The Parish Council are in receipt of one quote for new play equipment, but it was agreed to get others.

10. Highways matters.

a. Nothing to report from highways.

b. No dog poo bag dispensers had been agreed.

c. It was agreed to purchase all the Community Speed Watch equipment and to make contact with Jan Whitbourne to see when the next training course will take place.

11. Planning.

a. The latest planning applications had been circulated and comments made on the SHDC portal.

12. Correspondence.

a. Any correspondence received had been included within the agenda. As per item 7b.

13. Date of the next meeting.

a. To confirm the date if the next meeting as Wednesday 25th March 2020

14. Councillors reports and items for inclusion at the next meeting.

Councillors are requested to use this opportunity to report minor matters of information not included elsewhere in the agenda and to raise items for future agendas.

a. It was asked of the Clerk to invoice the village hall for the 2019 rent of £50 and circulate the village hall lease to all Cllrs.

15. To resolve whether to move into closed session.

a. None.

Meetings closed at 8.35pm.