January 2021 Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 19th January 2021

Sutton St Edmund Parish Council held via Zoom

Present: Cllrs M. Coleman, C. Hunns, J. Wardill, G. Masters and M. O’Kane. County Councillor N. Pepper and the Parish Clerk Miss D. Leedham.

1. Chairman’s welcome

Chairman Cllr Coleman welcomed everyone.

Public Forum

No items were raised during this part of the meeting.

2. Apologies for absence.

a. Apologies received from Cllr Savage reasons given and accepted by all.

3. Declarations of interest.

a. None received.

4. Notes of the general meeting held on 24th November 2020 to be approved as the new minutes.

a. Resolved to accept the notes as a true copy of the minutes.

5. Police matters.

a. No Police report had been given. It was noted that Hare Coursers had been caught on Hallgate, Luttongate and Broadgate in recent months. The Council raised concerns with reporting suspected Hare Coursing that crossed county boundaries as different Policing teams. The Council agreed to post on Facebook regarding continued to reporting using 999 if a crime is in process and otherwise 101.

6. CSW report.

a. Cllr Masters updated the meeting on CSW activities, noting in December out of 82 vehicles, 11 were exceeding the speed limit. Cllr Masters advised CSW activity had stopped due to the current lockdown.

Cllr Masters noted a new location for Throckenholt was not a possible, however, a new site had been confirmed at the north end of the village.

7. Financial matters.

a. The Financial Report had been circulated and it was resolved to accept the figures.

b. The 2021-22 Budget figure was discussed and it was resolved to set the precept at £8085.00.

8. Administration.

a. The Council agreed for meetings to continue to be held on the 3rd Tuesday of every other month.

b. The Clerk advised the new website was live, all agreed to the Clerk adding an events Calendar and include the future meeting dates. The Clerk also noted the website used generic photos which could be changed, all agreed to forward photos.

9. Throckenholt.

a.  Cllr Wardill advised the 40mph sign request was with LCC Highways to install. Concerns with the fence touching the road verge was also with LCC Highways and Cllr Pepper noted it had been passed to the legal department to review.

b. Cllr Wardill noted the local PCSO, PCSO Bennett, had attended Coronation Avenue, Throckenholt regarding anti-social behaviour and lockdown breaches. SHDC Environmental Team were also aware of these concerns.

c. Cllr Wardill informed the meeting that the area around the fence where the notice board was located had been tidied up by the owner, who had also secured the notice board to the fencing. The Council asked Cllr Wardill to pass on their thanks. 

10. Village Hall.

a. Cllr O’Kane advised the Hall remained closed for the foreseeable. Since the last meeting the Village Hall Committee had installed new units in the Committee Room, installed a new flag pole and were in the process of getting quotes for new blinds.

b. Cllr Hunns enquired regarding the annual meeting between the Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council was still outstanding, Cllr O’Kane agreed to make contact with the Committee Chairman.

11. Playing Field.

a. The Council discussed and agreed to apply for a grant from the Wryde Croft Wind Farm Community Fund. It was agreed to look to install swings and a table tennis table to compliment the play equipment currently installed.

b. Cllr Hunns advised the hedges adjacent to the road needed cutting to waist height and the hedge near the drain needed attention. The Council agree to £500 spends for the works and the Clerk to make contact with the contractor for quote.

12. Highways.

a. Cllr Masters and Cllr O’Kane reported concerns with the 40mph sign on Broadgate near the junction of Chapel Road, the sign should flash but does not. Cllr Pepper agreed to liaise with LCC Highways for an update. Concerns were also raised regarding the standing water on Broadgate, which was escalated to Cllr Pepper.

Cllr Masters enquired whether Cllr Pepper had an update on the speed reduction in the village, Cllr Pepper advised the request was going to the traffic regulation department.

Cllr Hunns reiterated concerns with the missing chevrons on Luttongate, the Welcome to Lincolnshire sign on Common Road and visibility concerns with signage along South Eau Bank. Cllr Pepper agreed to liaise with LCC Highways for an update.

13. Planning.

a. The latest planning applications had been circulated and comments made on the SHDC portal.

14. Lockdown.

a. Cllr Wardill enquired regarding assistance to those without work due to the lockdowns. Cllr Hunns advised individuals could apply to SSE Charity, contact details to be forwarded to Cllr Wardill. The Clerk noted SHDC may be able to point individuals in the direction of assistance.

15.  Correspondence.

a. Any correspondence received had been included within the agenda.

16. Date of the next meeting.

a. The next meeting of the Parish Council was confirmed as Tuesday 16th March, 7pm.

17. Councillors reports & items for inclusion at the next meeting.

a. No items were raised during this part of the meeting.